Introduction to Barracuda Firewalls

These days there is rarely a facet of our lives that isn’t in some way dependent upon a computer or mobile device. In most cases these devices are connected to the internet. Everything from our business and financial information to our basic accounts for entertainment and social media are stored or accessed on our internet connected devices.

Most people don’t think they need to worry about security themselves or don’t even think of it at all, unless something goes terribly wrong. With so much of our daily lives being linked to the Internet it is possible for your personal or business information and your security to be compromised in ways you probably haven’t even imagined. We are all familiar with the fact that our identities, credit cards, client and supplier confidential account information and personal data can be stolen. Often times this can be a massive headache, costing many thousands of dollars and taking months if not years to resolve.

There are also ways your security can be compromised that are less well known. These attacks can include; having your reputation on social media hijacked, your sensitive business records compromised, revealing the identities, addresses and even credit card information about your valued customers. These are all things which you might not be aware of until serious damage has been done. You can also fall victim to having an attacker monitor your home or business over a connected camera, or in some cases, control the automated heating, cooling, lights or security including the locks and alarms in either type of location.

As with many situations in life, preventative measures can often be easier, cheaper, more convenient and safer than turning a blind eye to the problem and having to clean up a much larger mess later on. It’s like getting the oil changed in our cars instead of having to deal with a lot more serious, expensive and debilitating engine problems. In the case of the online threats, the first line of defense is a piece of Internet connected hardware that can get between your home or business network and the internet. These are commonly referred to as firewalls. This is a term with which you may be familiar from popular movies and TV shows.

In our next post we will discuss the basics of what a firewall does, how it works, and how it can protect your personal and business data and security.

by Jason Herbstman

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