Business File Servers

Business File Servers

Business file servers are a great solution for backing up your files or even drive images. Believe it or not many businesses do not adequately backup critical data. Accounting data, POS (point-of-sale) records and customer databases are critical. They need to be secured and backed up adequately. Setting up a backup solution for your business can be overwhelming and costly. But it does not have to be.

Etopia Technologies specializes in both on-site and off site business file servers for small to medium businesses and non-for-profits. It is a good idea to have both in house and off-site backups in case of a catastrophe. Many businesses today are considering the “cloud” for backup solutions. However there are some important facts to consider.

Cloud storage (such as Amazon S3) is really just a bunch of servers and hard drives linked together in an XFS file-system (a scalable large format filesystem). Believe it of not, hard drives “in the cloud” fail too. Not only are there few benefits in using “cloud” storage, but its more expensive in the long term. Let’s take the S3 Storage solution from Amazon. At $0.085 per GB per month 4TB of storage would run you roughly $348.16 per month. That’s a lot of money! Often using business file servers from Etopia is a more cost effective option.

Save Money With a Business File Server

The fact is that with business file servers from Etopia Technologies you could get that same 4TB of storage for a fraction of the cost. An on site server would just be the cost of the hardware and a small monthly monitoring fee. The server would pay itself off in 3-4 months when compared with a similar amount of cloud storage. Not to mention that our off-site service ends up being cheaper as well. Also, none of these estimates take into account the additional data transfer charges that a “cloud” solution charges.

We can build a custom business file server or backup server at a cost that wont break your budget. Call use today at (631)744-9400 or stop by the store to learn more!

by Jason Herbstman

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