Business IT

Business IT Services

Business IT Services

Etopia is a leading local Long Island Business IT Service and overall Managed Services Provider (MSP) with over 15 years experience in providing proactive IT support & infrastructure management. Etopia Technologies provides full-service strategic IT consulting services, help desk services, and powerful managed cloud services & tools to small and mid-sized organizations. This allows you to concentrate on running your businesses while we manage your IT needs.

Our experienced team of guru technical experts and strategic IT staff provide your business with the powerful range of supplemental and ongoing outsourced IT support solutions you need to grow your business.


Professional Strategic IT Consulting Services

Whether you need an expert at hand during a major IT project or business transition Etopia is there for you. If you require IT leadership on an ongoing basis our outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO) / Program Manager outsourcing service gives you on demand access to experienced, high-level professionals who can bring C-Level leadership to your team without the cost and long term commitment.

Our unique sets of IT services are designed to eliminate downtime and maximize availability and offer a partnership where we work alongside you in solving your IT, operational and organisational problems. We maintain and protect your IT systems, equipment and data against temporary and permanent damage and loss by providing support and security.

Unreliable network services can lead to significant businesses losses as constant computer network problems and downtime cost you both time and money. Unfortunately, most organisations put up with these kinds of network issues and frustrations simply because they don’t know any better or think it will cost a lot to fix them. With Etopia you won’t have to worry, we are always on the ball.

Etopia provides server and network setup. We can also keep you up and running with our affordable management and maintenance programs. Outsource your IT and IT headaches. With Etopia you can focus on your business. Call us today at (631)744-9400 or contact us to learn more!

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