Cloud Backup

Backups Solutions from Etopia Technologies are the best way to protect your data. Having a good data backup and fail-over system in place is essential for businesses of every size. Unfortunately finding the right backup solutions is often neglected. It is extremely important to backup your data. Not doing so, or backing up incorrectly can be catastrophic if a data loss situation occurs.

If you don’t have a backup solution in place you should call us today at (631)744-9400 or contact us with the form below. Etopia will setup a backups system that fits your needs and budget to make sure that your business critical and mission critical data is backed up safely at all times. We offer both on-site and off-site solutions to fit your needs. Our skilled technicians will conference with you one on one and come up with the best backup plan to fit the needs of you and your business.

Perhaps you already have a backup solution in place. Are you sure that it is working correctly? We have seen many cases where a backup has been failing for months and the issue went unaddressed only to result in catastrophic data loss. With backup solutions from Etopia Technologies, you’re covered. Not only do we setup backup solutions we also monitor then and make sure they are working.

Off-Site Backup

If you already have on-site backup and you are sure it’s working you should also consider implementing and off-site backup solution with Etopia Technologies. Off-site backup ensures that your mission critical business data is safe, in case of fire or disaster.

If you have any questions or want to setup backup solutions for your business please contact Etopia today, before another day passes without having backups of your essential data. You can call us at (631)744-9400 or use the contact form below. Our skilled backup technicians are ready to get your business backed up and safe from catastrophic data loss.

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