Firewall/IDS Solutions

Intrusion Detection Systems

Firewall/IDS solutions from Etopia are essential for any computer or server that stores important information and is connected to the internet. Without a good firewall and IDS solution in place your servers and network are an easy target for IT criminals. Etopia has the prowess required to thoroughly secure your systems and network. Our state of the art firewall and IDS solutions are a no-brainier. Protect your business! Call Etopia today at <strong>(631)744-9400</strong> or contact us using the form below to talk to a security specialist about securing your systems and network.

Today’s security hardware, software and cloud vendors provide access to highly sophisticated end-point products, but put the burden on their customers to interpret and act on the flood of data flowing from these devices. These customers must also remain vigilant against the tsunami of threats that are constantly emerging. The consumer is also responsible for correctly setting up these endpoint protection, IDS and Firewall solutions. This is not feasible for most companies who don’t have dedicated IT security staff.

That is where Etopia Technologies comes in! We get you the best prices on the hardware and software. We also install, configure and maintain your system security. With Etopia you get the security of an enterprise company without the cost of an in-house IT department. We provide you with the latest network security software, hardware and resources at an affordable. Call Etopia today to learn more!

by Jason Herbstman

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